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I definitely learned a lot of Spanish this summer. I knew very little Spanish before coming here and I can have a conversation in Spanish. Living with a family was also great, because you get to see what life is really like here.

Michael Dedek
Indiana, USA
July, 2017

Obtuve muchos beneficios de estudiar en Ideal, pero lo más importante es que aprendí mucho sobre la cultura y la vida cotidiana de los mexicanos.

Miguel Batz
Indiana, USA
March, 2017

I had the great experience as a beginner Spanish student. The teachers are well trained, organized and experienced. The school is both very professional and very relaxed. The material is presented in multiple ways to facilitate learning.

Elizabeth O’Dowd
Colorado, USA
March, 2017

I had the great opportunity to learn Spanish from a native speakers. During my 4 weeks stay, I worked with two great teachers who had their own unique teaching style. It was great to have their different perspectives you learn Spanish with full immersion!!

Ivana Valenzuela
California, USA
October, 2016

Mi experiencia fue perfecto. Aprendí mucho. Todavía no he hablado perfecto pero puedo comunicarme.
It was a perfect experience to me!
Yo recomiendo Ideal a todos.

Magadalena Guminska
Amsterdam, Holland
April 2016

Tuve una buenísima experiencia en Ideal Escuela. Fue comprensiva, profesional y completa.  Alicia es una maestra especial, con  mucha paciencia y energía. ¡De cinco experiencias en escuelas de español, ésta es mi favorita! Más, Alicia es una guía impresionante.
¡Muchísimas gracias!

Jeffrey McDowell
Oregon, USA
Enero de 2016

I have taken Spanish classes in the States, but coming to Ideal for 3 weeks I learned a lot more than I ever did in the States. One-on-one classes with Señora Estela every day fro 5 hours was very beneficial. I liked the classes, but I also really liked going to the markets and cooking. I can’t wait to continue learning Spanish online with Ideal and hopefully returning soon!

Liza Pergiel
Washington, D.C.
December & January, 2016

I had a great time here in Oaxaca! The city is really pretty and filled with opportunities to do cool things. My host family was absolutely amazing, doing more than just cooking great meals. Rather, I felt like I was part of the family! I saw some incredible archaeological sites, which I understand not everyone is into, but I really enjoyed them (my favorite being Montealban)! Best part about Oaxaca was probably that it was really easy to make friends because I went to a few “intercambios” per week.

Chris Temple
Monument, CO

Fue un buen tiempo aquí en Ideal y en Oaxaca. Un beneficio grande era que tenía clase particular y que podía decir que quería aprender. Así es a veces muy duro, pero aprendes mucho más rápido y te ayuda mucho porque los maestros pueden corresponder a lo que tú necesitas. Sin embargo me gustarían más charlas y las clases en donde puedes hablar, así sabes más de país y de su cultura.

Ann-Sophie Heinle
Verano 2015

I had a wonderful experience in Ideal. I’ve really enjoyed it and have learned many things. The teachers and staff were great. They were very nice, helpful and very fun. I will remember my time in Ideal for a long time.