Online Spanish Classes

Ideal comes to you!

Learn Spanish online with native Spanish-speaker teachers of Ideal from your own home, office, school, or anywhere that has WideBand internet access. Learn using the same program and materials that Ideal School has developed through more than 40 years of experience teaching students from all over the globe.

Why take classes online with Ideal?

• You won´t talk with a machine, but with a native Spanish-speaker live online.
• You won´t need to travel because you can take your class right where you are, while still enjoying a Spanish cultural journey.
• You´re classes are personalized (student-teacher).
• You´ll receive all the materials you need for each class.
• Our academic program is backed by more than 40 years of experience as a Spanish school.
• We emphasize verbal communication.
• We also offer Grammar and Pronunciation classes.
• You can choose whichever time is best for you (8 am-8 pm Central Standard Time, Mexico).
• We touch on topics such as culture, tourism, politics and society.
• The first class is always free and includes an evaluation of your Spanish level in order to get to know you better.
• You will be in direct contact with your teacher through email.

Special deals:

•  First class free
• 2×1 taking the class at the same time. Usually our classes are 1-1, but if you want to take your class with a friend with the similar level of Spanish, you only pay for one person!

What will I need?

  A computer, earphones, a microphone and a webcam.
• WideBand Internet access.

How much do classes cost?

1 class of 50 minutes: $20 USD
10 classes of 50 minutes: $190 USD
20 classes of 50 minutes: $360 USD
30 classes of 50 minutes: $480 USD
60 classes of 50 minutes: $900 USD

What are my payment options?
  • PayPal (There is an extra 3% charge using PayPal)
  • Bank transfer
How do I sign up?

1.First of all, please feel free to contact us with any questions.
2. Write to us at including your: Name, email, and the class hours that you prefer.
Your approximate level of Spanish
3. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation of your online classes by e-mail and we will send you information about your payment.
4. We will schedule your class time (very important).
5. You will receive instructions on how to begin your online classes together with the material for your first class, as well as recommendations for how classes are run and how you can best take advantage of them.
6. Before we begin, you will be evaluated on your level of Spanish.
7. And now…Let´s get started!
If you have any questions, ask us!

If you have any questions, ask us!